I grew up in Calcutta and like all Bengalis, live and breathe food. I find myself unconsciously talking about dinner at lunch and salivating at the thought of my next meal over an apéritif. I live in Soho and have been eating and drinking my way around its ever-changing establishments and beyond over the last decade.

In my spare time, I’m an enthusiastic cook, aspiring to be more of a chef.

What makes The Soho Diaries a definitive resource?

It is the voice of an independent local offering a consistent perspective on London’s restaurants.

The reviews are purposely kept concise to give you the key information quickly (and save you reading funny, if pointless, anecdotes).

The majority of reviews are written after multiple visits to ensure recommendations are reliable.

How does the rating scale work?

All restaurants have been rated on a simple five-star rating scale for each of the following attributes: food, drink, ambiance, service and value. Additionally, there is an overall rating for each restaurant.

Restaurants are rated ‘in its category’ – i.e. they are rated as compared to their peers.

Why trust my judgement?

I’m a glutton. I’ve eaten at a substantial number of the capital’s eateries including over 50 of its Michelin-starred restaurants. Equally, I love trying the newest openings and favourite hole-in-the-walls.

When visiting a new city, I believe planning and research are key. Some call me obsessive, but I prefer ‘organised’. I spend hours meticulously researching and cross-referencing trusted sources such as Michelin, Eater, Chowhound, Condé Nast and trusted critics.

So, whether you live here and love eating out, or, you’re visiting London for a few days and want to make the most of your meals, I hope the Soho Diaries becomes your definitive resource, minus the hard work.